DIY Party of Name Sign Paint Kit
DIY Party of Name Sign Paint Kit
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DIY Party of Name Sign Paint Kit

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This super cute sign is a fun DIY kit to do.  It measures about 10" square and comes with 3 paint color choices.   Please enter up to the 3 colors you want.  We typically have every color available but will contact you incase we don't have your color.  Shown is a white background, black name and border.   Also included is a paint brush for the background and sponges for the name and border.   A popsicle stick and a container of glue will also be included.   You can choose to purchase without paint and brushes but we will still include the glue.

Separate Directions will be in the box as well and can be found here.

You will get your plain board, frame and name/words in a box with a piece of butcher paper to be used as a drop cloth to paint on.   Paint your items wait for them to dry and glue together.   The sample picture was done with white paint which was applied using a baby wipe or a damp paper towel so it give it more like a stain like appearance.  Please note when painting less on your brush is better you want to paint with almost a dry brush to avoid getting it on the sides of the words/frame.   Use the popsicle stick to spread a thin layer of glue on the backs of the items.  Please use a very small thin layer otherwise when you apply it to the board it will leak out and even though it dries clear you will still be able to see it.

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