Initial Abstract Paint Kit
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Abstract Initial DIY Paint Kit Set

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Abstract Initial Paint Kits come with a letter about 6-7" that has a backing, a frame and puzzle pieces.   Paint the pieces all different colors and the frame using elmers glue or wood glue attach frame to the backing and then glue the puzzle pieces in the frame after painting is done.  Use a command strip to hang on the wall.   This is a fun decor project for any tween or teen!  Choose to add paint or no paint to your kit.   All kits will come with a paint brush and wrapped up in butcher paper with a bow.  When you untie your bow use the butcher paper as a drop cloth to make cleaning a breeze!  These kits also work well with washable markers and/or crayons if you would rather not use paints.   Watercolors do NOT work well on the wood.

**Due to availability the paint might not always look the same as the picture you will get the metallic colors as shown they might come in separate containers.

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