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Sugar Locks started in June 2005 a month before the birth of my second child, Gwendelyn.  I was so excited to have a little girl that I began searching for hair accessories to match all of her outfits.  After searching for bows and buying a few at a local boutique I knew that I could make them.  Growing up I have always been interested in crafts and making projects.  In 8th grade I made bubble bows and sold them at a few local craft fairs for $2.00 each.  I always sold out before the show was over.  In high school I created countless hair pieces for prom.  After learning how to make bows and was successfully creating bows for friends and family I started selling on ebay.  A month went by and up went www.sugarlocks.com.  A year went by and I started embroidery and sewing for the website.  Now 13 years later and over 2000 products Sugar Locks is what it is today. 
Sugar Locks is a home based business in my house in Plainfield, IL.  I now have 3 beautiful children  Reed (15), Gwendelyn (13) and Olivia (11).  Reed and Gwendelyn love to help pack orders up so if you ever see a little writing on the box or a label that is not so perfectly straight, know that it is a 8 or 6 year old helping their mom work :)  I have a wonderful supporting husband of 10 years that has allowed me to convert our dining room and living room into my working office.   My goal is to provide everyone with better than boutique high quality items.  I am constantly searching for way to improve items with new brands for t shirts and other high quality merchandise. 
I believe that customer service is what makes a business successful.  I personally handle all emails.  Email is the absolutely faster way to get in touch with me I answer all emails sometimes within a few minutes or a few hours!  Please email any questions, comments or concerns to sugarlocks1@aol.com .  I also love to do custom orders and I will work with you to create your special personalized item.  I have many customers who drop off or send items they have to be embroidered, if you have something you need done please email me. 
Sugar Locks can ONLY be found online at www.sugarlocks.com.  Sugar Locks products will not be sold elsewhere!  I do not dropship or sell my items wholesale to any boutique or retail store. 
Unique Personalized Gifts for all ages!!!
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