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The Boy Only Spot!

For everyone that thinks Sugar Locks is only for the girls!  Here are products for the BOYS only!!
Customer Comment 
After receiving a Sugarlocks personalized burpcloth/blanket set for our new baby boy, I was in love!  From that moment on, every friend and relative I have has received an adorable and unique Sugarlocks gift for their new baby or child - for birthdays, holidays, you name it.  I cannot say enough about Jen Cantu's commitment to the quality of her products and the satisfaction of her customers.  I have purchased many items from burpcloths to sippy cups and everything has held up to washing machines, dishwashers and - the most impressive factor - toddlers!  In addition to the quality, her creations are absoultey adorable and so stylish.  For all things considered when gift-giving, everyone wants their gift to be high-quality and cute...for the same money, design your own unique and adorable gift with Sugarlocks instead of buying a Diaper Champ from a gift registry!!

Lisle, IL
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